Headboard Bench

This is one of our first projects, Merideth bought an old headboard at a garage sale and had a great vision of this bench.

Prefab Spindles
Prefab Spindles

We took it home and sanded all the old lacquer and paint, lots of sanding and really not my favorite thing to do. We had some prefab spindles in our supply stash that we acquired from our local Habitat for Humanity (we call it the Restore Store cause it sounds cool). We measured the sitting hight, I believe was 17″,  and cut the ends off the spindles to use for the front legs.

Building the bench frame
Building the bench frame

We built the frame out of 1X4s and built it to the frame. I built the benchtop also out of 1X4s and mounted them width-wise instead of lengthwise.

Mer did the painting with Dixie Belle Paint and stained the benchtop with  General Finishes Gel stain.


While she was working on that, I took the ends that I cut off the spindles and shaped them up a little bit and used them for the risers for the custom cut handrails I made (my first attempt at handrails).

After the painting and the staining, we did the final assembly. The benchtops were drilled and hand nailed with 2-inch finishing nails.  The arms were attached to the spindles with wood glue and two ended nails then, from underneath and the back with Grip Fast® #9 x 2″ 6-Lobe Drive Steel Pro Trim Wood Screw (What a plug a?).

All sealed up with our favorite Minwax® Polycrylic® Clear Matte Protective Finish

This piece really didn’t hang around log, it was gone in about 2 hours after listing. Looking forward to the next one!

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