Red Oak Blanket Trunk

Red Oak Blanket Trunk

Good Afternoon on this Day of COVID-19 Quarantine! I hope your day is well.

We are still busy at the lol Twine and Tumbleweeds. This past week, I took some time to make a little something for the beautiful lady in my life. She has always wanted a small trunk or blanket box, to help keep our living room looking nice and also provide an additional sitting area.

Of course with her direction on specs, I got started! beginning with the base frame, which is actually made from pine 2X4s planed down to 1 1/4″ thickness. I 45ed the ends and cut 4 supports for the corners. Glued all ends together and secured them with 2″ 6-Lobe Drive Steel Pro Trim Wood Screw

After the base, I started on the sides, I Cut all pieces to a hight of 16″ I cut the small side to a width of 16″ and the long side to a length of 36″. A quick Dado on the short sides and some Gorilla Wood Glue and screw to hold them together.

After attaching the sides together I added it to the base. I raced it out and pre-drilled pilot holes again using the 2″ Lobe screws

Next came the red oak 2″ trim pieces. All cut to there respective lengths then glued on and air stapled from behind, using 1/2″ Staples and Lots of clamps. I am really a big fan of these Masterforce, F Clamps I used a variety of sizes from 12″ – 36″.

This part took a couple of days to complete, having to do one side at a time.

Gluing the Lid

Next Came the lid. More gluing! and Clamping, a little bit of ingenuity to keep things straight, this also took a couple of days as I had to do the sides first before gluing on the front. no nails were used in the making of this lid.

After gluing I got out the old hand planer and cleaned up some raised edges and excess glue that inevitably comes with any project I do.

I attached the lid with some standard black swing clamps routering out a spot so they will sit flush. On the inside, I added a set of National Hardware® Antique Brass Spring Lid Supports to keep the lid up when open. I did a quick sand all over and turned it over to the Twine and Tumbleweed stain and paint department.

I will send a link over to the T and T blog so you can check out the paint job when it’s available!

Happy Monday Everyone!!!!

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