Busy Weekend!

Busy Weekend!

Whew,  I had a busy weekend, got a few projects wrapped up around the house and of course starting new ones. Oh and the kids got their drivers license this week so Add worried dad the list!

High points (I know I did a lot more than this):

  • Brunch with the Mrs.
  • Added last wafer light to the kitchen
  • Finished the Corbels and the trim for the fire place
  • installed light fixtures and the Brother-in-law’s house
  • Played Darts
  • Made some beef Jerky
  • Started a new project for my love that I will blog about later
  • Armageddon Shopping
The Mr. Benedict
The Mr. Benedict

My Lovely bride took me out to brunch at the new fancy restaurant in town called The Metropolitan Downtown and oh my was it Delicious! She spoils me so! I had the Mr. Benedict. probably one of the most flavorful hollandaise sauce I have ever had.

Wafer light didn’t take much and replaced a outdated fixture we installed when we first moved into the house.  we took a trip to Menards to get some supplies, Merideth smacked her head hard on the tailgate of our Armada.


The Mantel
The Mantel

Meredith built us lovely fireplace and mantel back in November while I was down after carpal tunnel surgery and this weekend we finally got the trim up and the corbels done.  I made the corbels out of the same wood as the mantel and made them 5 1/4 inches wide, Merideth wanted the wide and chunky. After i cut the arc in the individual pieces I glued them together to the the desired width. then belts sanded them smooth. the backs are routed out to fit over the brackets the hold the mantel up. Next, I flush mounted magnets to the corbels and metal attachment pieces to the mantel so they could possible be switch out for the seasons

Spent some time over at the In-Laws they just had there ceiling skimmed and textured. Then I painted it a couple weeks ago. So we had to rehang the lights

We did Some Armagedon shopping (cause you COVID-19 is taking over the world) and finally got to make beef jerky! Yes, I am a  Master at many crafts! Hope you all had a great weekend! look for my post on the the project I started I think your gonna like it!.



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