Heart Shaped Box

Heart Shaped Box

No not the Nervana song although it is a fantastic song!

This is an actual Heart Shaped Jewelry box that my lovely bride, Ms. Merideth, wanted me to make for her dear friend. Valentine’s Day being tomorrow was just a Qwinky Dink.

Quick Note: I love making Jewelry boxes!!!

I stared with some scrap butcherblock wood I had from my last project. Gluing two pieces together to make it thick, then some planing to get it to my working thickness.  I used a single board from the same scrap for the lid.

I drew out the pattern then headed to the Drill press to clear out the middle as much as possible. For this, I used a cabinet hinge countersink bit. the smoothed out the in-betweens with a thin straight router bit

Off to the Band Saw!!! This is the first project I have been able to use this saw on, I’m happy it finally happened! and it worked like a champ hardly took any time all of course when you follow a line can’t be that hard can it right? LOL.  Also, cut out the lid. I attached the lid to the bottom and headed over to my brother-in-law’s house to use his new belt sander on it, smoothed it up just nicely. Cat Dog Tobi was my supervisor.

Placing the magnets
Placing the magnets that hold the lid on
Heart Shape Jewelry Box
Heart Shape Jewelry Box

I struggled a little bit on how I was going to attach the lid, I really didn’t want to do hinges and Merideth didn’t want a swing open kind of thing, so after a little hemming and hawing, I decided to go with Magcraft® 1/8″ x 3/8″ Rare Earth Round Magnets. Man are these little suckers strong. I drilled a little 1/8 inch deep whole, whipped up some Gorilla Glue epoxy and pressed them in letting them dry overnight.

After a little finish sanding, I stained the whole thing inside and out with General Finishes Gel Stain and sealed it with our trusty Polycrilic urethane!

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