Book Shelf / Lizard Stand

Book Shelf / Lizard Stand

Part 2 for our middle kid’s room to match the Black Pipe frame desk we made last week.  We want the décor in the room to match all around.

Planning the boards
Planning the boards

I stared with 2 X 12s, planning them just enough to flatten them out I also trimmed them slightly to get the nice straight edge. I cut some additional lengths of the board about 2 inches thick and glued them to the cleaned-up 2 X 12s so I could get a total dimension of 30″ X 13.5″.

The supports are made out of 10″ X 3/4″ Black pipe and flanges, except for the feet witch are 5 inches with flanges and Pipe caps.



The shelves were finished off with the WATCO Dark Walnut Danish Oil Stain and Protected with Minwax Polycrylic Protective Finish

And of course, the top shelf becomes Tangerien’s (he is a leopard Geco) new spot.

More photos in the gallery below. More Decor to come! check out next week’s post!

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