Self Care

Self Care

Even with all our building restoring creating and rough hands, we have to find time to take care of our selves so we still look good outside of the shop.

A couple of products I have learned about over the years and have made them a part of my daily routine are for the care of my beard. I have had a beard for at least 25 years. Various lengths and spreads of course and my wife DOES NOT want me to shave it off.  So She makes sure I take care of it.

Cremo – Men’s Shaving, Hair and Grooming Products

Cremo Men's Grooming Produc
Cremo Men’s Grooming Products

I really like this stuff. I have wirey facial hair. It can get dry and definitely feel like a wire brush. In the mornings after washing my face with clean fragrance-free soap and sulfur wash, I condition my beard with Cremo Beard and Scruff Softner. Before I walk out the door I comb (really cool wood comb) in some Cremo Beard and Scruff Cream.  The Forest Blend Scent is also awesome and Manly!

Alright Now that we have covered that we should probably talk about the Shave. I shave every morning and you know that can dry out some skin.

Navigator Shaving Soap
Navigator Shaving Soap

Before washing with my fragrance-free soap, I use navigator Shaving soap by the Victory Shaving Company. My Brother In Law introduced it to me. This soap comes in a variety of scents. I prefer the navigator because it has Tobacco scent. I also use this soap when I shave my head.

As far as Razors go I use the Dollar shave club razors. With the combination of the soap and the 5 blade jetable razors, I get a shave on my head that lasts for days. So check these guys out and tell me what you think!

You got a product I should try let me know!


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