5 Ft. Farmhouse Table and Bench

5 Ft. Farmhouse Table and Bench

My Bride and partner in crime, aka Merideth, finally found a moment to swing in and grab some shots of the awesome 5ft Farmhouse table and bench I created in November. With the X leg style and the gray tones on the top! This piece ties in nicely with the gate, side tables and other custom items we have created for friends.


I started with 6ft 2X6s ripping them on the table saw to square up the edges and then running them through the plainer to get a 1 1/4″ thickness. I put the boards together with my trusty Gorilla Wood glue and also Kreg gigged down the length of the boards.  a few clamps and let it dry for a few days.

For the skirt on the bottom, I ripped some 2X4s down to 3 inches and ran them through the planer to get a 1″ thickness. I attached the skirt 1 1/2″ inches in from the edge of the table again using Gorilla glue and Kreg.

For the X in the legs and the upper support, I use 4x4s slightly plained to take the roundness out of the edges. I then dadoed the legs in the center so they would fit together. All angles on these legs were cut at 45°. For the feet, I used 2X4 stacked for a certain look.

Good Ol Hand Planing
Good Ol Hand Planing

Finished Farmhouse Table Top

Before sending this off to the paint and stain department I cleaned up the glue and distressed the wood using s good ol fashion hand planer, couple smacks with a hammer and a crescent wrench to get the look we wanted.

The skirt and the legs were stained with a Dark Walnut gel stain and then painted with Dixie Belle Cotton paint After painting Merideth rubbed with dark wax. The Top was stained with Dark Walnut gel stain, and distressed with Dixie Belle Hurricane Grey and rubbed with dark wax. Finally finishing it off with 3 coats of water-based Polyurethane.

The bench was top was made and painted in a similar fashion to match the table.

Our client was able to display this piece in there home  for their families Thanks Giving dinner.


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