Farmhouse Style Buffet Table

Farmhouse Style Buffet Table

Good Afternoon All! You know that farm house table I posted about? Well, we have made a new piece to add to our Friends collection. Built and painted in the same fashion as the table.

My original plans called for 2×4 legs but our friends wanted to keep with the bulky 4×4 look so slight modifications and off we went!

I used:

4x4s, 2x4s and 2X6s

My Kreg jig

I would need to use my miter saw, hand planer, drill, Kreg jig, measuring tape and of course, glue an wood screws

Handmade Farm House Buffet
Building the legs

The overall length of the buffet ended up being 60 inches. The hight was 32 inches and the depth was 18 inches.

I started with the leg with the sides being 4X4s, the tops and bottom and the center Xs are 2x4s.

The bottom and center shelves were 2X6s cut to 5 inches wide and run through the plainer to get the bigger pits out. they were then Kreg jigged together and into the legs

The top was done in the same fashion but the boards were left a little wider so they would overlap the top.

I then handed the project over to my lovely bride for here to work her staining and painting magic. she used a Dark Mahogany gel stain and Dixie belle Cotton paint

Overbuild time was about a week.


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