Making a Cannon

Remember back in the day when we actually had to make stuff for school projects? Well My son had to make something for a school project. I think this is the first time we had to do this for our younger son.

Anyway, they are studying American wars and so my son decided he wanted to make a cannon. you know what that means right? Dad gets to build something!!! (he did help by the way)

Spinning the cannonI started with a chunk of wood I already had laying around and had started to round on the lathe. took about 30 min to spin it down into the barrel.

Next We took some scrap wood and made some brackets, (out of a 1X4 I think). then a 2X2 to make the base.

Noahs CannonI had some Circles already cut out from a previous project so those worked out great for the wheels.  then added some dowels and some paint and we got ourselves a cannon.

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