Like Clockwork

Farmhouse ClockTogether My beautiful Bride and I made this clock. She and I both really have a love for clocks and time and have always wanted a big clock in our home.

This is from her Facebook page:

“I have finally completed a Farmhouse inspired clock for our mantel. I say finally because I started it in September….and now it’s nearly March (in case you didn’t know)…

Sometimes it takes me moving mountains in order to accomplish these little home improvements but eventually with a little determination they come to fruition.”

Mer had purchased a 24 inch already cut circle from a craft sale for $5.00 I think. I then took some 1/4″ plywood and created Ship-lap for the face. Mer went through several revisions of the decoration but ended up with the stained center surrounded by the weathered paint look.

One more  Farm house decoration for our house!

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