Month: March 2018

Like Clockwork

Together My beautiful Bride and I made this clock. She and I both really have a love for clocks and time and have always wanted a big clock in our home. This is from her Facebook page: “I have finally completed a Farmhouse inspired clock 

Working on the Guitar

A few months ago we bought  out youngest son a guitar from the local pawn shop. its an old Washburn. We changed the strings on it and all that good stuff, but it still would go out of tun fairly easy. So Time to change 

New Towel Rack

Never a Dull moment at the kPlace. We are always making something, up-cycling or remodeling. well this one fits int he remodel category.

Its been 3 years since the old kid has moved out of the house, now it is time to take over his remaining space in the home. the downstairs bathroom. ( we already took his room. like 2 weeks after he moved out).

Towel RackTo go with that remodel, we built a new towel rack with shelves that hangs over the toilet and next to the sink. It will be nice to walk into one of our bathrooms and have hand towels!

I made two of these for one of our customers, ( they were standing ones) and thought I have enough stuff left lets build another one!

Then my Wife and Sister-in-law were talking about variations that they saw and said cut the legs off, hang it and put a towel bar in… Well here we go!

I’ll post more pics as the remodel progresses


Making a Cannon

Remember back in the day when we actually had to make stuff for school projects? Well My son had to make something for a school project. I think this is the first time we had to do this for our younger son. Anyway, they are