Farm Style Bench

Here is a little project my Bride and I did this week. We donated it to the VFW for a fundraising event to benefit a family who lost a loved one.

The top of this particular bench was stained with a Red Mahogany stain on the top boards with 1 coat wipe on Poly and 1 coat brush on poly

The bottom was painted with Pittsburgh semigloss Alabaster White Interior latex pain

Here are the dimensions for the cutting pieces. all from 2X4

  • 4 X 46 and 1/8 inches
  • 2 X  14 inches
  • 4 X 15.5 inches Each end cut parallel @ 10 to 12 ° ( your preference)
  • 1 X Top Center Support 31 Inches
  • 2 X Bottom Center Support 35 Inches
  • Side legs center supports at 12 ° long end 12 3/4 short end 11 1/4

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